Berlin/Reykjavík based entrepreneur Ingvar Thordarson has produced feature films and documentaries that have won prizes all over the world, including 22 critically acclaimed and commercially successful features. Within the industry, Mr. Thordarson is recognized for producing feature films and documentaries, even in the most inclement of arctic environments.

Titles include 101 Reykjavík, The Bothersome man, Life in a Fishbowl – the winner of a record 12 awards at the Icelandic Edda Film Awards, and The Grump – Finland’s highest grossing film 2014, and in 2017 the award-winning Tom of Finland, and box-office champion Unknown Soldier – with one million tickets sold in Finland alone and Guinness World Records holder for the largest gross tonnage of high-explosives detonated in a single film take.

In addition, Ingvar has run a cinema, various businesses and companies, organized film festivals, and collaborated with a variety of global artists, as well as managing events around the world. Ingvar has worked with David Bowie, Sting, Richard O’Brien, Eddie Izzard, Prodigy, and Pet Shop Boys to name a few, in a variety of cultural and business environments.


Johann Frank has studied media engineering at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg. Working for almost 20 years in the film business he knows all parts of the business, from development, financing, public funding and production to distribution.

For Neutrinos, Johann consults and oversees the complex funding processes of national and international co-productions, such as for TOM OF FINLAND.


Sophie Mahlo is a lawyer by profession, admitted to both the German and New York bar. She offers legal advice to various top-level international television and film production companies, as well as to other creative players in the industry. Touched by the many stories worthy of being told verbally and visually, and impassioned by the beauty and power of films, Sophie co-founded Neutrinos.


Bogdan Tomassini-Buechner graduated in drama, German literature and economics before studying film production in Munich and at UCLA. He founded his own production company, gained several awards, and worked as Co Production Executive for Odeon Film Inc. Today, Bogdan operates as Line Producer and Production Manager on international projects, such as on Neutrinos’ feature film TOM OF FINLAND.