Release Date: Sep 2014 Director: Bjarni Dagur Category: Trailer

A hilarious and touching film about life at the crossroads and the meaning of it all, The Granddad may be the first-ever film to have a running (and very funny) prostate joke. It centers on mild-mannered Gudjón, a father of two, who is approaching retirement. A dream trip to the Canary Islands with his wife doesn’t turn out the way he expects and forces him to take a good, hard look at his marriage and the inevitable aging process.

The death of a classmate who was always the athletic; fit one; his younger daughter’s decision to marry a man that he doesn’t like; and the discovery of a secret from his wife’s past all lead him to take some “me” time to search for fulfillment. Certain that life has more important questions than “Where are my glasses?” he enrolls in the University of Reyjavik to study philosophy.

This smart cinematic adaptation of director Bjarni Haukur Thórsson’s wildly successful play features spot-on comic timing and an extremely sympathetic performance from Sigurður Sigurjonsson, one of Iceland’s best-known and most versatile actors.