Tom of Finland at Tribeca Film Festival

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Film Review:

The Grump

Release Date: Feb 2015 Director: Dome Karukoski Category: Trailer

The Grump is a man from the past. A man who knows that everything used to be so much better in the old days. Pretty much everything that’s been done after 1953 has always managed to ruin The Grump’s day. Our story unfolds as The Grump takes a fall from his basement steps, hurting his ankle.

He has to spend a weekend in Helsinki to attend physiotherapy. The Grump doesn’t like this for four reasons: 1) He has to take a taxi. 2) He can’t take daily care of his wife, an Alzheimer’s patient. 3) He can’t drive, which means he might have to sit in a car with a female driver. 4) He has to spend time with his family.

The daughter-in-law is a career woman, not keen to spend time with The Grump when he comes to the city. Her boss has given her the task to look after Russian businessmen supposed to close a major deal over the weekend. It doesn’t make her any happier when The Grump decides to help with the deal.

Then The Grump has to face his useless son to become the father he never was, teaching his son how to take care of his loved ones. A thing The Grump has never been able to do. And somebody’s day will be ruined.


Release Date: 19 June 2015 (Iceland) Director: Snævar Sölvason Category: Trailer

With big plans for the future, city boy Tommi chases his girlfriend to the Wild West-fjords. This summer is not going to be like he expected.

Afinn (The Grandad) Trailer

Release Date: Sep 2014 Director: Bjarni Dagur Category: Trailer

A hilarious and touching film about life at the crossroads and the meaning of it all, The Granddad may be the first-ever film to have a running (and very funny) prostate joke. It centers on mild-mannered Gudjón, a father of two, who is approaching retirement. A dream trip to the Canary Islands with his wife doesn’t turn out the way he expects and forces him to take a good, hard look at his marriage and the inevitable aging process.

The death of a classmate who was always the athletic; fit one; his younger daughter’s decision to marry a man that he doesn’t like; and the discovery of a secret from his wife’s past all lead him to take some “me” time to search for fulfillment. Certain that life has more important questions than “Where are my glasses?” he enrolls in the University of Reyjavik to study philosophy.

This smart cinematic adaptation of director Bjarni Haukur Thórsson’s wildly successful play features spot-on comic timing and an extremely sympathetic performance from Sigurður Sigurjonsson, one of Iceland’s best-known and most versatile actors.

Life in a Fishbowl

Release Date: May 2014
Director: Baldvin Z

Life in a Fishbowl was a domestic box office success, going on to become the box office champion of 2014 in Iceland. It has received enthusiastic reviews throughout its festival run, which has included the Toronto International Film Festival and the Zurich Film Festival, where actress Hera Hilmar won a special mention.

Life in a Fishbowl also won the top prize at the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck, Germany, the Tridens Award for best debut film at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia, and the audience award for best film at the Mamers en Mars Film Festival in Mamers, France.

The film recently won 12 Eddas (the Icelandic Academy Awards) – an all-time record – including Best Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Life in a Fishbowl was Iceland’s entry for the 2015 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.


  • Release Date: 9 March 2016 (Iceland) Director: Ásgrímur Sverrisson Category: Trailer

A thirtysomething couple, Hringur and Elsa, are about to buy their dream house in downtown Reykjavík when the video store Hringur owns faces foreclosure. As the crisis threatens to split them apart, Hringur resolves to sort things out before it's too late.


This year’s critics’ award, FIPRESCI, goes to Dome Karukoski and the film Tom of Finland. The prize is handed out by the International Federation of Film Critics and goes to one of the films in the competition Dragon Award Best Nordic Film.

Tom of Finland opened the festival with its portrayal of the groundbreaking illustrator and gay icon, Tom of Finland.

The jury’s motivation: For the way the director and his team portray the life of such an iconic character, balancing a well done execution and story development, and taking us through the decades thanks to a clever use of music and production design.

The jury consisted of Victor López González and Bodo Schönfelder.